Berryton Baptist Church

Berryton, Kansas

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  • Be sure to check out our "What We Believe" page. If you have any questions, contact Pastor John anytime at 785-862-6223.


Open to all tweens and teens ages 12-18
2nd Thursday of each month from September through May
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm - pizza included
RSVP is required (for food count)
Location: TBD depending on group size
Church members and any friends are invited to attend.
PASTOR KISSES A PIG - October 11, 2015
Congregation of 80 - challenge met!
This was the day. Our Pastor John gave his flock a challenge if the congregation reaches 80, he would kiss a pig. Well, we did! And he fulfilled his promise today. Many of us witnessed the big smooch! Who's pastor does that?  SEE MORE PHOTOS ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE.
January 2012

The Berryton Baptist Church gang once again plunged in the icy waters of Lake Shawnee for the Polar Plunge fundraiser. There were more church members that braved the waters with Past John this year. Congratulations Pastor John and church member, Nellie Hogan.